Bronny James has taken a step in following his father LeBron into the world of business and branding. He filed trademarks for a handful of names related to his full name, LeBron James Jr. The trademarks, according to Boardroom, are for the names BJ JR, Bronny and Bronald.

In filing these names as trademarks, he is looking toward involvement in NFTs, video games and apparel, according to Boardroom. BJ JR was filed “in the form of a signature” while Bronny and Bronald trademarks were filed as “standard characters,” Boardroom reported.

The filings are awaiting approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

After the news was reported, Twitter had some jokes about the names he filed and what other names he could consider using. Because of course Twitter did.

It’s all fun and games on social media, but for James, this may be one of his first steps into real money. Now 17 years old, Bronny is approaching college and the opportunity for an NIL deal, or potentially a different post-high school, pre-NBA plan.

He’s already among the most well-known high school basketball players in the country. The class of 2023 star is on his way to monetizing it.