Claim & Get Started Today! will make your team/facility/business visible, attract new players/customers and make it a success.

1. Add or Claim your Listing


Use the best intuitive forms ever to add or claim your business !

Upload photos, videos, add helpful links to your website or to social media, set an address, hours of operation, provide exact location,  and leads emailed to you straight from

Claim your listing, and a badge will be added to mark it as official and allow you to update it whenever you want.

2. Increase your earnings


Use Ad listings, receive 5 star reviews, get discovered.

Once discovered, customers will come to you! Promote your business with Ad listings that will appear on the top of listing pages (excluding events section) and marked as exclusive in the home page.

It’s up to you to make your visitors happy and leave positive reviews. That’s how helps them make better spending decisions.

3. Get Discovered by Visitors


Instant discovery by visitors on approved/submitted listings.

After submission, your listing will appear immediately throughout the website and will be searchable by interested visitors in similar places.

Your listing will also be discovered quickly by Google and convert your visitors into customers.



Introducing Fill-O-Bot! You can easily submit your business details automatically. Just enter your business name in title, select the right business from drop-down and watch the form getting populated instantly by pulling data from Google maps.



⇒ Makes super easy to add your business .
⇒ Avoid Human Error
⇒ Grabs from Google Maps


*Currently some data fields are not supported.


A state-of-the-art User Interface (UI) for your dashboard.  Designed to do business with the most intuitie insights and with tons fo added value features.



⇒ Total new experience with intuitive User Interface.
⇒ View Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Statistics.
⇒ Get Low-Rating Alerts and react upon.
⇒ Manage Reviews, Leads, Coupons, Menus, Ads, etc.
⇒ Internal messaging to capture leads and communicate with clients.
⇒ Choose from tons of templates to create announcements.
⇒ Check your visitor reviews and ratings.

Deal & Coupons

You can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to your visitors, while also setting a count-down timer. Showcase in many different styles and positions to best fit your needs.


⇒ Coupon code
⇒ Count-down for deals
⇒ Easily manage from user-dashboard

Ad Campaigns 2.0 (Listings Only)

Generate more leads with targeted ads to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location with different placements to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI).


⇒ NEW! Pay-Per Day (PPC)
⇒ COMING SOON! Pay-Per Click (PPC)
⇒ Targeted Ads (Based on: Category, Tag/Keyword, Location)

Example: If Marc searches for Baseball Team in Hartford, then an Ad (promoted listing) will appear on top of the organic result, only if there is a Baseball Team in Hartford.

More amazing features !


Receive and reply to messages directly on your dashboard when a lead is generated via the lead forms.


Take ownership of your business by claiming and verifying with the site-admin and earn the claimed badge to build trust with customers and generate more leads.


Showcase a list of your items or services and offer a beautiful and dynamic menu to your visitors.


Visitors can easily narrow the search results with price, open now, near me (with distance range) and Features (Amenities) and Additional Details.