With the season soon changing from winter to spring, high school baseball season is upon us.

The 2021 season represented a return to normalcy on the high school baseball scene. Most of the country missed out on high school baseball in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the teams that did get to take the field played just a handful of games. Some states still battled COVID issues during 2021, but it’s back to full steam ahead in 2022.

In the spirit of high school baseball season returning, here are nine programs with the longest active winning streaks across the United States.

Taconic (Mass.)

Winning Streak: 25

Hickory Grove Christian (N.C.)

Winning Streak: 25

La Salle College (Pa.)

Winning Streak: 25

East Catholic (Conn.)

Winning Streak: 25

Viola (Ark.)

Winning Streak: 26

Hayfield (Minn.)

Winning Streak: 28

Silo (Okla.)

Winning Streak: 29

Nampa Christian (Idaho)

Winning Streak: 29

White River Valley (V.T.)

Winning Streak: 35

Roff (Okla.)

Winning Streak: 43